THICK 20mm

Tougher and stronger than stone, THICK 20mm porcelain represents the ideal solution for outdoor paving for gardens, terraces and swimming pools.
It perfectly links your indoor and outdoor living spaces: all our THICK 20mm products are available also in 10mm thick version for indoor use.
THICK 20mm is a fully vetrified unglazed porcelain, it is a maintenance free product that does not require any sealing or treating, it’s easy to install and easy to maintain.
Being a vetrified porcelain, THICK 20mm is frost proof and suitable for low temperatures.
THICK 20mm is resistant to chemicals, therefore it is resistant to chlorine and salty water, it is perfect for swimming pool edges.
The entire THICK 20mm range is antislip, classified as R11 for DIN 51130, A+B for DIN51097.
THICK 20mm range includes a wide choice of special trims such as steps, grids, copings and many others suitable for pools, gardens and urban designs able to meet any need.
THICK 20mm is 100% Made in Italy, produced using the most advanced and ECO FRIENDLY technologies available on the market.

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