A refined selection of rare and original marbles that reproduces on porcelain stoneware the aesthetic perfection of a material as eternal as marble in terms of taste and elegance. Our selection consists of four variants in both traditional and large sizes with the thickness of Light6mm: Calacatta Macchia Antica, Calacatta Green, Irish Green and Verde Alpi. To complete this new proposal inspired by marble, a new interpretation of Granito in the 80x80cm size offers the opportunity for an unusual combination.


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120×280 Light 6mm matt | polished rectified . 60×120 matt | polished rectified . 60×60 Calacatta Green and Irish Green matt | polished rectified . Granito 80×80 matt rectified . Skirting 5×120 matt . Granito skirting 5×80 matt . Step tread 33x120x4 matt

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