Enemmän kuin pelkkä kokoelma. Idea. Idea siitä, miten yhdistetään kolme erityyppistä materiaalia ja saadaan täydellinen lopputulos ammattilaisille ja loppukäyttäjille.
Yhdistämällä eri alkuperää olevia erilaisia materiaaleja, käyttämällä edistyksellisintä teknologiaa ja sopivia värejä saadaan hieno yhdistelmä sisä- ja ulkokäyttöön, jokaiseen makuun ja tyyliin.
Kolme marmorikuosia, neljä kivikuosia ja yksi puukuosi neljänä eri värinä. Kaikki sulautuneena yhteen ainutlaatuisena konseptina. Ceramica Magica tekee sen: mikään ei ole kuten ennen.


The richest and most precious material in nature, by reproducing it using the most advanced porcelain tile technology we can overtake all the technical limits of the quarry material, making it suitable for all kind of applications, even those where natural stones are usually not recommended. From Polished finish, ideal for refined residential spaces, to Matt finish, suitable also for commercial spaces, to Rigato finish, a touch of modernity to this everlasting product: together in the 10x60cm Mix, they bloom into a new and unique personality.


The strongest, most resistant and eternal material. Using the same advanced porcelain tiles technology these qualities are brought to perfection, and problems of porosity and abrasion typical of quarry materials are finally solved. Matt: the finish par excellence, modern and suitable for any commercial and residential space; Brushed: an elegant brushing that gives light and depth, with a smoothness and an elegance that maintain the materic aspect; Combed: directional, it maintains the graphic character making it minimal, excellent for wall solutions that enhance the contemporary and creative aspect of the project: together in the 10x60cm Mix, they bloom into a new and unique personality.


Nature and technology. The contrast between the predominant natural features of this Scandinavian wood look, together with technological innovation that blends wet and vintage effects, makes the final aesthetic design more complete and unpredictable. A product which becomes suitable for any type of space and style, thanks to four colors that incorporate concepts that go from classical to modern, from colonial to industrial. Simply complete.



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Marstood Marble
60×120 matt/ polished . 60×60 matt/ polished/ rigato . 30×60 matt/ polished/ rigato . 30×30 matt . 15×15 matt . 10×60 Mix matt-polished-rigato . Mosaic 30×30 matt/ polished/ rigato . Mosaic 30×30 Mix matt-polished-rigato . Gradone 33x120x4 matt . Skirting 7×60 matt

Marstood Stone
60×120 matt/ slate plus . 60×60 matt/ slate/ brushed/ combed . 30×60 matt/ slate/ brushed/ combed . 30×30 matt/ slate . 15×15 matt/ slate . Mix 10×60 matt-brushed-combed . Mosaic 30×30 matt/ slate/ brushed/ combed . Brick Wall 30×60 matt . Brick Wall 15×60 slate . Gradone 33x120x4 matt/ slate. Skirting 7×60 matt/ slate

Marstood Wood
20×120 . Mosaic 30×30 . Gradone 20x120x4 . Skirting 10×60



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