Marmo Apuano

Ceramica Magica revisits the expressive potential of marble with its Marmo Apuano, one of the most representative varieties of quarry materials. The veining multiply from the deep white of the background, creating different depths and contaminating the purity of the marble to create visually striking scenographic spaces, elegant and classic but also multi-faceted thanks to the three different thicknesses. The collection, realized in the new Honed finish, a lightly shiny surface, imperceptibly wavy and soft to the touch, ranges  from just 6 mm thickness in the large 120x280cm size, a valuable guise for every residential or commercial reality, as well as for the customization of furniture or bathroom accessories; to the 12mm thickness fitting for countertops and tables in an even more important size, the 160x320cm, ending with the classic 10mm thickness in the traditional sizes from 60×120 to 30x60cm, creating a complete collection that is a synthesis of research, technique and revisited tradition, with the resistance and reliability that are characteristics of the best porcelain stoneware, in a rich variety of realistic shades and veins.


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160×320 satin unrectified . 120×280 honed rectified . 60×120 honed rectified . 60×60 honed rectified . 30×60 honed rectified . 30×30 honed rectified . 15×15 honed rectified . Mosaic 30×30 honed . Cross Light 29×29 mix matt/honed . Cross Dark 29×29 mix matt/honed . Dome Shade 29,6×39,6 mix matt/honed . Dome Mild 29,6×39,6 mix matt/honed . Strips 29×29 mix matt/honed . Ellipse 31,8×39 mix matt/honed . Skirting 5×60 honed . Step tread 33×120 honed .




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