LIGHT6mm | TOP12mm

LIGHT6mm | TOP12mm

Light is the new concept of Terratinta Group that identifies the 6mm thickness. A capsule collection that contains the world of Terratinta Group presenting a choice of material with a new range of slabs that combines thin thickness with large size.


With Top 12mm we created surfaces which integrate with each other to bring you a complete solution. Top 12mm porcelain stoneware is a high-performace material capable of withstanding heavy loads and bending without breakage, as well as high temperatures. Its compact and hard surface, absolutely nonporous, remains hygienic, does not absorb and doesn’t stain. The hard surface of porcelain stoneware makes it a safe support with a high resistance to abrasion, scratches, wear and changes. This is way it is the perfect surface for kitchen or bathroom spaces, where hygiene is most important.

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