The strength and solidity of ceramics meet the pure beauty and warmth of wood in the Libeccio collection, which carries on the study of natural material begun with Nodi.

Four colors that hold a wealth of nuances: a simple but complete collection, with a strong soul. Libeccio Naturale, Moka and Tortora, together with Nodi Libeccio, offer a complete product line with two plank sizes, 20×120 and 30×120, which can be placed in combination or separately, and two finishes, Matt R10 for indoor and antislip R11 in 20×120 format for outdoor too: indoor and outdoor without boundaries.

Both sizes are rectified and modular.

The different chromatic shades and the movement offered by the deep signs of wood reproduced on the porcelain stoneware surface give the natural environment harmony and enrich it with the taste of tradition.

Every essence shares the true spirit of wood.

Libeccio gives personality to the spaces, a nature recreated by technology enters in residential and commercial spaces, permeating them with atmosphere.

The most classic wood conquers new life, enhancing delicate veins and knots with new shades.


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30×120 matt rectified . 20×120 matt/antislip rectified . Mosaic 30×30 matt/antislip . Tangram 29×29 matt . Chevron Nodi Libeccio 29,5×33,5 matt . Step 20x120x4 rectified . Skirting 5×120 matt rectified



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