Atmosfere is an original project that celebrates our passion for ceramics through the foundation of new proposals for the world of furniture and accessories. Material becomes a vehicle of emotions, creating unique scenarios that are both evocative and real. Surfaces can give a specific character to spaces, creating always different atmospheres.


The multiplicity, the multidisciplinarity, the inclusion of different figures working in synergy is already the major strength of Terratinta Group. Today this same strength is found in Atmosfere, which becomes the spokesperson of styles, tastes and tales that lead from the local to the international.


Born in the heart of Italian ceramic district but inspired by Nordic style, and designed in cooperation with Lucchesedesign Studio, the proposals of Atmosfere will adapt to the most diverse styles, thanks to the care of the consolidated level of quality of Made in Italy and the typical taste of Terratinta Group.

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