The search for modernity through our history.
Two classics like Marmo and Terrazzo, timeless looks, merging with current trends in decors and colours, suitable for modern interior design. A range of styles available, both for commercial interiors and for anyone with a taste for living spaces that pay homage to a cherished past through contemporary finishes and nuances. A project of true class that sees Ceramica Magica carrying forward a process of renewal and return to the forefront of the Made in Italy movement. This, decidedly, is ARTE.


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60×120 matt/polished . 60×60 matt/polished . 30×60 matt/polished . 30×30 . Decor 30×30 . 15×15 . Mosaic 30×30 matt/polished . Step 33x120x4 . Skirting 7×60



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