Ceramica Magica is glad to unveil its last collection: Marstood (

Marstood is something more than just a collection: it’s an intuition, a concept, it’s creating a synergy among different materials, with different origins and different structures; Marstood represents the most sublime fusion between marble, stone and wood in a unique story made in Italy.

Marstood is the idea that by putting together three different types of materials, we could get to a complete and defined project for both professional and end consumer.

Mixing different materials with different geological origins, reproduced using the most advanced porcelain tile technology available in matching colors: this is the idea that achieve a perfect combination, indoor-outdoor for every kind of taste and design.

A combination, adaptable to unlimited possibilities (even for outdoor use) and able to satisfy a multiplicity of aesthetic tastes and preferences.

From Matt to Polished, from Brushed to Rigato and Combed.
Marble and Stone in different structures, blended together to create unique designs.
Marble, Stone and Wood in different finishes, all available in one single caliber: all products, sizes,
finishes can be used together because all sizes are modular, using a 2mm joint.

Three marbles, four stones and one wood with four colors available, all melted together in a unique concept: nothing will be the same again for Ceramica Magica.

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