Keep on growing: a new great size for Leccese collection

The evolution of Leccese collection is the new great 120×120 cm size that enriches this resistant and lasting porcelain stoneware, ideal for living and commercial spaces.
120×120 cm of high performance porcelain stoneware, a great size to show always at its best the structure of the material.

The inspiration comes from Leccese, a limestone originary from Salento, a rock with a compact look and fine grain. From the widespread use in the architecture of the Leccese Baroque, Ceramica Magica transports it into the ceramic universe thanks to the technology that has allowed the re-elaborate it in porcelain stoneware.

Leccese develops the original stone in four different shades, warm and cold, and two different surfaces, offering as usual solutions for both commercial and residential spaces. With its shades Perla, Tortora, Fumo and Fossile, Leccese is perfectly used in residential and spa bathrooms, in essential living rooms and commercial spaces.

Ceramica Magica: Italian style since 1983.