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Industry Collection inspired by the most moderns and elegants locations, typical of metropolitan cities and other big urban areas, represents a “breaking point” with the past, becoming certainly a strategical Series for Ceramica Magica.

In this Collection the protagonist is Oxidized Cement, interpreted according to the style and elegance that distinguish our Company.
Oxidized Cement is a product with ultra-modern design and technology.

Thanks to its available colors (“Titanium”, “Silver” and “Iron”) and its texture, this is an extremely versatile product. This Cement is able to satisfy multiple uses – suitable both for private and commercial locations – and to lend itself to countless different styles: from the most simple and minimal locations (typical of the Nordic countires) to the cozier and richer colonial habitats, until the most global and metropolitan enviroments.

This versatility of the products is also given by a departure size of 90cmX90cm which facilities joints between one tile and the other, making it even more refined and aesthetically attractive: a real crossover and complete product.

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Industry Collection is an intense and complete Series, both with regards to the sizes and both with regards to the decorations.

Decorations of this Collection can be divided into two sub-categories: “Blends Hipster” and “Blends Audrey”.
They’re Monocaliber, and this allows to make kindred to rational and minimal style of Industry Collection and perfectly implemented with Oxidized Cement; this allows also to play and mix with unlimited possibilities of combinations, in order to satisfy the most sophisticated and demanding style.
The technology on which they’re built makes them so innovative, able to transmit warmth and solidity thanks to a materical texture, very pleasant , attractive to the touch and definitely stylish.

Available in Matte, Shiny and Structured Textured.

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