If we talk about a trend reversal, if the goal to aim for is the future, sustainability, care for our planet and our lives, we can’t avoid speaking of energy.

In 2018, global carbon dioxide emissions linked to energy production increased by 1.7%, reaching an all-time high of 33.1 Gt of CO2.

This was what came to light from the latest data of the International Energy Agency (IEA) now a year ago.

But what happened in 2019?

Global carbon emissions have continued to grow, albeit at a slower pace. The data of the Global Carbon Budget 2019 annual report, published on the occasion of Madrid’s Cop25 Unfccc by Nature Climate Change, Earth System Science Data and Environmental Research Letters, is not good news.

Why? Because, according to estimates, emissions from fossil fuels and industry have reached 36.8 billion tons by the end of 2019 and never in history have they been so high.

Although electricity is a form of safe and clean energy when consumed, its production and transmission has negative effects on the environment. Virtually all power plants impact in some way on the territories and – therefore on our lives.

The future of Terratinta Group? It is green.

Green like electricity and the 100% Green gas we use, purchasing only raw materials produced from renewable sources or obtained through projects promoted by “Gold Standard for the Global Goals”.

The next step we have set ourselves as a goal? The replacement of our entire fleet vehicles with exclusively electric cars and the placement of charging stations at the company site!

Are you eager to see what else is waiting for you in our Change project 2020? Follow us in our path of change!