Biancone, a magical fusion between ancient and modern

Stone is the main material of the Apulian territory. An area in which the presence of man is almost merged with its absence, wrapped in silence you can see how man has used stone over time to build farms and farmhouses but also for local buildings and works of art such as Trani Cathedral. The absolute protagonist is Biancone, a limestone rock characterised by the white colouring typical of the area, used both for craftwork such as interior and exterior cladding, sculptures, staircases and swimming pools, and also for industrial constructions such as pavements, squares and walls, so much so that it has become a highly prized iconic material known all over the world.

This new collection renews the tradition of Ceramica Magica.  The heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia with its ancient sights, hilltop views, its castles and cathedrals is the source of inspiration for our new stone, the development of a single hue in different sizes and thicknesses to offer a complete proposal.

Like real stone, Biancone Beige adapts to every space, it melts with the setting. Perfect for indoor in its matt finish, perfect outdoor. With its ultra matt finish, Biancone Beige can run through the homely spaces and be the impeccable companion for every requirement.