ATMOSFERE is here, the new interior design brand by Terratinta Group

Terratinta Group presents ATMOSFERE, an ambitious and original project that presents furniture and interior design accessories born from our passion for ceramics, where multiplicity and multidisciplinarity create a completely new style.

A new chapter in our ceramic evolution, a new brand inspired by the materials and harmonic proportions of Italian architecture.

Born in the heart of Italian ceramics but inspired by Nordic style, Atmosfere is an original and ambitious project that celebrates our passion for ceramics through the foundation of new proposals for the world of furniture and accessories.

An eclectic style designed in collaboration with Lucchesedesign Studio that combines diversity and multidisciplinarity, the inclusion of different figures working in synergy, already a driving force for Terratinta Group.

Today this same energy is found in Atmosfere, which becomes the spokeperson of styles, tastes and tales that lead from the local to the international. Atmosfere’s proposals are able to adapt to the most diverse styles, thanks to the care of the consolidated quality level of Made in Italy and the typical taste of Terratinta Group.

With Atmosfere our most iconic ceramic collections go beyond floors and walls and become a new form of furniture: selected collections by Terratinta Group celebrate these endless possibilities in interior design, creating thanks to the collections Top 12mm and Light 6mm new customizations and stylish furniture for living areas, bathroom and kitchen where ceramics is the key word that coordinates every space.

The technical characteristics and advantages of the different available thicknesses allow to play with the ceramic material that becomes a furnishing material.

Atmosfere, a new life for ceramics.